A tweed in the park, a step in the dark.

Hey guys, my name is Liam and I am constantly winning in everything I do. I own a space shuttle, a mansion on the dark side of the moon, several Mercedes Benz old-timers, a tea cup that refills itself with decaffeinated Earl Grey tea and I have the coolest slash prettiest girlfriend on this planet. I achieved all this stuff simply by wearing red socks. Well at least the last part is true, but I'm sure the rest is just a matter of time and the right washing powder. The purpose of my guestposts and MY DUTY is to show the world the awesomeness of red socks. How should I start this thing hmmm... CAUTIOOOON!! GUESTPOST!! COOOLOOOON!!

We went to the park and every year when fall is coming, I'm  starting to feel some kind of English landlordish. So I decided to take my tweed for a walk. 

This is one of my favourite spots in Berlin, especially when fall is turning the leaves red, yellow and orange... this is why this picture is all in grayscales... makes perfect sense... just like me writing a fashion blog :P

This is like the warmest October ever, so it was time to take the tweed off...

... and find a goddamn tree to climb on!!! After some detail shots:

 Tweeds and bow ties caught my attention when I first saw Little Lord Fauntleroy with my granny. 

This was my first "shoe-ting" and so I forgot something to wipe the dust off. However, they're still awesome, very comfortable to wear and manufactured by my favourite brand.

 This watch is the most precious object I own. The money I spent on this was meant to be for my driving license, but at that time I thought "this watch is prettier than a piece of plastic..." so I bought this instead. No regrets. Who needs a car in Berlin anyway?


So here we are, climbing trees like a sir. I climbed to the top with only one hand but at the time I reached it, the camera's battery turned out to be flat... too bad

So this is it... my first guest post slash blog post ever. I had a wonderful day with my favourite human being in the park taking these pictures. Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers!

Tweed: Harris Tweed // Bow Tie: H&M // Socks: T. Hilfiger // Shoes: Strellson // Jeans: Levi's // Watch: Maurice Lacroix // Shirt: Strellson


  1. hahaha :D Outfitpost mal anders. Der Herr ist ja richtig stilvoll. Macht er auch was mit Mode? Das würde ja gut passen!

    1. Nee, überhaupt nicht ^^ Aber er kann sich einfach gut anziehen :D

  2. Wie süß! Da hat sich dein Freund ja super vorgestellt! :)

  3. Voll tolle Bilder und Vorstellung! Echt gelungen mit den Farbakzenten :)


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