Black'n White

Since everyone is posting about Christmas and the oh-so-yummy food and their oh-so-gorgeous presents I'm not willing to write another boring Christmas post (I don't want to say by this that every Christmas post is boring but I just can't see them anymore...) so I decided to take some new outfit photos with A. 
We went to one of my favorite photo locations but unfortunately it wasn't very bright so the photos turned out to be a bit dark but somehow it fits my mood and the weather at all. 

This is a very grown-up look but classy and chic at the same time. You may remember that I'm still somehow new into wearing trousers but meanwhile I'm getting used to it (and beginning to like it). "You look as if you're planning to go to a parent-teacher conference" said A. when he first saw me in this combination :D Even though he's right I do like the look and since my hair is pink and extraordinary I don't look that frumpy or what do you think?

pullover: Nowistyle // blouse: 2nd Hand // trousers: Promod // necklace: 2nd Hand // coat: nowistyle // shoes: h&m // bag: 2nd Hand


Goodbye autumn, I already miss u!

While looking through my pictures in iPhoto I found some old ones A. took of me on a lovely sunny autumn day. I don't want to withhold  them back from you, and since autumn is already finally over this is some kind of homage to my favorite time of the year. 

I do remember that day very well, we also took some photos of A. for my blog while walking through the Tiergarten, it's been quite warm and the light was amazing, I wore one of my favorite dresses and really enjoyed the feeling of the warm autumn sun on my skin. 


The cape

I always wanted to have a cape but never found one which looked good on me, so I gave it up a few years ago but then I found this one online on h&m.com and ordered it immediately, I'm really satisfied about how it looks on me and I already got lots of compliments for it - I guess I finally found the cape I always wanted to own :) 

The dress

The dress is one of my favorites, it's so elegant and classy but not too old-fashioned with it's golden zippers on the sleeves which gives a modern touch to that little black dress. Nobody believes it's an h&m dress.

The necklace

I don't know how often I wrote about this necklace, it already looks a bit shabby but it's still one of my favorite jewellery items I own (so many favorite items in one post....) 

The shoes (although you hardly seem them in this post)

Ahhh, and again, one of my all-time favorites! Made from real leather but didn't cost a fortune, to be honest, it was a real bargain, they were on sale and I never ever regretted buying them. 

cape: h&m // dress: h&m // necklace: boutique in warsaw // shoes: 5th Avenue 



I know, it's been a while again, but there is so much to do right now and I don't really have the time to take pictures and post regularly. But speaking about blog posts brings me to the last one, posted by my love. From the statistics I can see that many of you saw it and I also received positive feedback - not only here on my blog. Luckily we took some more pictures of him in another outfit and if you want to, he might post them ;) 


One of the reasons my time is so limited at the moment is the fashion show which takes place in the Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus tomorrow. It's open to the public and you're very welcome. The show starts at 8 pm, but being there about one hour before the show starts will save you a seat. Don't forget to bring your identity card as you have to go through a security check. 


Last but not least I wanted to show you this picture from a photoshoot two weeks ago - I was really ill at this time but the make up artist did her best to make me looking good :D How do you like it? :) 

 by Eymelt Sehmer 


A tweed in the park, a step in the dark.

Hey guys, my name is Liam and I am constantly winning in everything I do. I own a space shuttle, a mansion on the dark side of the moon, several Mercedes Benz old-timers, a tea cup that refills itself with decaffeinated Earl Grey tea and I have the coolest slash prettiest girlfriend on this planet. I achieved all this stuff simply by wearing red socks. Well at least the last part is true, but I'm sure the rest is just a matter of time and the right washing powder. The purpose of my guestposts and MY DUTY is to show the world the awesomeness of red socks. How should I start this thing hmmm... CAUTIOOOON!! GUESTPOST!! COOOLOOOON!!

We went to the park and every year when fall is coming, I'm  starting to feel some kind of English landlordish. So I decided to take my tweed for a walk. 

This is one of my favourite spots in Berlin, especially when fall is turning the leaves red, yellow and orange... this is why this picture is all in grayscales... makes perfect sense... just like me writing a fashion blog :P

This is like the warmest October ever, so it was time to take the tweed off...

... and find a goddamn tree to climb on!!! After some detail shots:

 Tweeds and bow ties caught my attention when I first saw Little Lord Fauntleroy with my granny. 

This was my first "shoe-ting" and so I forgot something to wipe the dust off. However, they're still awesome, very comfortable to wear and manufactured by my favourite brand.

 This watch is the most precious object I own. The money I spent on this was meant to be for my driving license, but at that time I thought "this watch is prettier than a piece of plastic..." so I bought this instead. No regrets. Who needs a car in Berlin anyway?


So here we are, climbing trees like a sir. I climbed to the top with only one hand but at the time I reached it, the camera's battery turned out to be flat... too bad

So this is it... my first guest post slash blog post ever. I had a wonderful day with my favourite human being in the park taking these pictures. Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers!

Tweed: Harris Tweed // Bow Tie: H&M // Socks: T. Hilfiger // Shoes: Strellson // Jeans: Levi's // Watch: Maurice Lacroix // Shirt: Strellson


Attention, attention! This is an announcement! + London (Style) Diary No.6


I've been asked a lot about my new boyfriend over the last weeks. About posting pictures and introducing him on my blog. To be honest I wasn't sure if it would be the best idea and I also didn't know if he would agree with it. But suddenly he came up with a great idea - he will introduce himself with a guest post on my blog. So, for all of you who are interested in getting to know my new love - get your red pencil out or just pull out your smartphone and mark tomorrow as THE event in your calendar  - his post will be up then! 


This is the last London (Style) Diary post - unfortunately we didn't manage to take pictures everyday as Sofie wasn't with me all the time. I will post some other London photos in a London summary post somewhen later next week. Although we took the following pictures spontaneously on our way back home from a long walk through Islington I do like them. I wore my new glitter cardigan which was a bargain buy in one of Crouch End's charity shop - I really like how it goes with my hair, the cardigan's colour is the perfect autumn colour and looks so nice in front of the bricks, don't you think so too? 

trenchcoat: h&m // cardigan: 2nd hand // batwing top: stradivarius // pants: primark // bag: new look // belt: 2nd hand // necklace: h&m // ring: flea market // boots: h&m 


London (Style) Diary No. 5

On Tuesday we went to Camden Town for lunch, I had some delicious vegan indian food and Sofie decided to go for asian food, it was still warm enough to sit down by the canal and enjoy the food there. 

Later we went for a walk around Camden offside the touristic streets and markets where we took the following pictures: 

I wore my new favorite coat - I really like the pattern, the collar and the big buttons.

oh and - I found "my" house :D Isn't it lovely with this beautiful balcony?! I would love to live in there.


London (Style) Diary No.4

These pictures are from Tuesday - although it doesn't look like this in the pictures it was perfectly warm. 

I met Jakob's mum and sister for tea and cake in the early afternoon. I was really looking forward seeing his mum again,  I haven't met her since Jakob and I broke up. We spent a nice few hours together and then I went to Liverpool Street, where I was supposed to meet Sofie, unfortunately she wasn't there by the right time so I sat in front of the station all alone for two hours. I was a bit agitated after talking to Jakob's mum so I felt really alone in this big city, all by myself in front of the station. 
After two hours of thinking about my past and the future, Sofie finally arrived. We walked around Shoreditch a bit and went to a gallery to see a small exhibition (which was a bit disappointing). Later we went to Oxford Street for some shopping.. and here are some pictures:


London (Style) Diary No.3

I somehow don't get it managed to do a daily post while I'm here in London, so here are the pictures from Monday (shame on me, I knoooooow). Sofie and I went for some charity shop shopping in Crouch End and I'm very pleased with what I got (besides from the fact that I'm a bit afraid of an luggage overweight when returning to Berlin...). If you're interested in, I can do a London shopping haul post...somewhen :D Just let me know.

I decided to go for gold and glitter on that grey Monday, sometimes I just feel like overdressing a little ;)


London (Style) Diary No.2

With a little delay - here is the second post from London :) We've been to Shoreditch on Sunday and had the perfect weather with 20 degrees and sunshine. We walked around Brick Lane with our friend Danny who turned out the be the best guide :) Brick Lane is perfect for vintage shopping - there are hundreds of lovely vintage stores and they aren't even that expensive. So if you're looking for some nice vintage stores you should really go to Shoreditch, it's way better than Camden Town. 

Danny took some nice pictures of me and Sofie and here is just a small selection: