Golden touch

Today we went out for grocery shopping and a walk through our lovely neighborhood. To see and feel the sunlight after ages of dark pushed my mood to a higher level. You know I'm not that kind of sun worshiper and summer is way too hot for me, but after months of grey skies and snow and freeze even I  enjoy the warm sun. 

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trenchcoat, sunnies: h&m // skirt, top, hat: 2nd hand// jacket: primark // boots: asos

Oh, and yesterday Sascha made this lovely sketch for me - I think it's perfectly me and everyone who knows me would agree, don't you? :D

Enjoy your saturday night, I'm off to work now!


Paris Fashion Week Outfit Day 3

 As you might know I spent more than 3 days in Paris but this is the last outfit I can show you as we didn't manage to take pictures everyday. I bought this dress right before I went to Paris and when it arrived and I first tried it on I knew that this had to come with me! It is so comfy and beautiful, and best of all - I only paid 13,49€ instead of 51,94€. I do not order stuff from asos more than once a year, but every time I do, I manage to grab me another all-time-favourite-piece. 

dress: asos // shoes: 5th Avenue // jacket: Miss Selfridge // necklace: don't remember the shop's name, but I bought it in London

Isn't it lovely?! I love love love it. If you love it too then why do not hype it on lookbook? :)

So now that we are through with all my outfit posts, it's time to start posting about the other exciting things I saw and did in Paris. Since we still don't have internet in our new flat I don't know when I will be able to post again :( But I will tell you about all the shows, all the after-show partys and all the places I've been to as soon as possible, I promise. Is there anything you are especially interested in and want me to tell you ALL the details about? Let me know!


Paris Fashion Week Outfit Day 2 // Changes

It's time for some changes on my blog, I will from now on start blogging in English too (hoping my English is good enough :D), there will be more outfit posts (constant readers might remember that there were lots of outfit posts in the past but I deleted all of my older posts a while ago), I will change the blog design (as soon as we'll have an internet connection in our new flat), and there are some more things I'd like to change but of course I've forgotten what ^^ 

Besides, my blog has its own Facebook fan page now and you're welcome to like it:

I'm so glamour I piss glitter

I also reactivated my lookbook.nu account which I never really used and you're also welcome to fan me  or/and like my looks:


And of course I still upload loads of pictures on instagram, follow me here:


Hope you'll still like my blog with all its forthcoming changes. 

It's also time to show you another Paris Fashion Week outfit, of course I'm all dressed in black as black is and always will be my favourite. As you all know, I love my hair as much as you do and wearing black all over lets it always be the eye catcher. And of course, black flatters the figure, black is well-fitting to any situation, black is the new black. 

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top: 2nd hand // skirt & belt: Primark // shoes: 5th Avenue // feather hair clip: self-made

Btw, Sonja, who's blogging at Blackthorn, took all the pictures. 


Paris Fashion Week Outfit Day 1

Wie ihr ja vielleicht wisst (meine Instagram Follower auf jeden Fall ;)) bin ich gerade in Paris anlässlich der Fashion Week. Ich habe hier eine unglaublich tolle Zeit, habe bisher schon so einige Shows gesehen, war auf mehreren After Show Partys und kann das Erlebte alles noch gar nicht verarbeiten weil kaum ein Moment zum Ruhen bleibt. Die detailliertere Auswertung folgt dann also zu einem andern Zeitpunkt, hier jetzt erstmal mein Outfit vom Donnerstag:

(Zur Großansicht draufklicken)


Mantel: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Fascinator: No. 18 (Gülsüns Label) // Bluse: Primark // Kleid: H&M // Schuhe: 5th Avenue // Gürtel: selbstgemacht