Attention, attention! This is an announcement! + London (Style) Diary No.6


I've been asked a lot about my new boyfriend over the last weeks. About posting pictures and introducing him on my blog. To be honest I wasn't sure if it would be the best idea and I also didn't know if he would agree with it. But suddenly he came up with a great idea - he will introduce himself with a guest post on my blog. So, for all of you who are interested in getting to know my new love - get your red pencil out or just pull out your smartphone and mark tomorrow as THE event in your calendar  - his post will be up then! 


This is the last London (Style) Diary post - unfortunately we didn't manage to take pictures everyday as Sofie wasn't with me all the time. I will post some other London photos in a London summary post somewhen later next week. Although we took the following pictures spontaneously on our way back home from a long walk through Islington I do like them. I wore my new glitter cardigan which was a bargain buy in one of Crouch End's charity shop - I really like how it goes with my hair, the cardigan's colour is the perfect autumn colour and looks so nice in front of the bricks, don't you think so too? 

trenchcoat: h&m // cardigan: 2nd hand // batwing top: stradivarius // pants: primark // bag: new look // belt: 2nd hand // necklace: h&m // ring: flea market // boots: h&m 


  1. Ich glaube ich hab mir exakt den gleichen Trenchcoat 2nd hand gekauft. :D
    Deine "ausgeblichene" Haare oben sehen echt gut aus. Lässt du das so oder hast du nur versäumt drüber zu färben?

    Und da bin ich ja gespannt auf morgen. haha

    1. Der Trench is so toll! Ich liiiiiiebe ihn :)

      Oh nee, das mit den Haaren ist nicht beabsichtigt, die oben bleichen immer am schnellsten aus und dann hab ich da so helle Strähnen drin ^^ aber is schon längst wieder überfärbt :D


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