London Style Diary #5

I know, I'm a little late today but it's still on time ;) Yesterday we went to Camden Town, sat down by the Canal, had some tasty vegan Indian food, drank cocktails and sat on the rooftop terrace of a pub. Later I picked up Sofie, I'm studying fashion design with her and she's just spending some days in London at the same time I do. After cooking delicious vegan dinner, we met my friend Danny and there it began - the most excessive night of the week! I guess I'm not really sober yet, we've been to so many bars and clubs (my wrist shows a nice collection of stamps) and yeah, what else should I say? I had a great night out and it was definitely worth the hangover! Here you can see my outfit for the day, I think it suits Camden Town really well :D 

the jacket:
The leather jacket is an evergreen and so is this one, it is my favorite one and of course I had to wear it on our day in Camden Town.

the shirt:

it is actually the one I already wore in this post (click) and since I bought it in extra large I can also wear it as a super short dress :D 

the bag:
boring boring...you already know it from all the London posts before.

the shoes:
they are currently my favorite shoes by the way, I just love the mix of shiny fabric and patent leather.

leather jacket: h&m // shirt: stradivarius // shoes: h&m // bag: primark 

Enjoy your Sunday evening! xxx


London Style Diary #4

My friend Rob and I went to my favorite museum in the world yesterday - the V&A! I could always spend days in there, there is so much to see and it never gets boring. Plus, the museum shop is really nice too ;) Later we went for a walk on the Thames Path and had some Pret a Manger sandwiches (thank God they do have vegan sandwiches too!). Later that day we decided to go out for a party, so we went to a club in Dalston, the first 15 minutes were awful, the music was so bad and the people were so strange ^^ But then someone decided to spend some money on me and bought me a drink. The music became better, but I still don't know why the nightlife in London is so different from the one in Berlin! While the clubs are getting empty around 3 or 4 am here, the party's getting started at 4 am ^^ But nevertheless it has been quite nice but I'm looking forward to partying again today with my other friend from London, Danny. I'm now heading off to Camden Town for some delicious vegan lunch at the canal :) 


the jacket:
I love this somehow military look and it looks so much more special than a normal cardigan. 

the tunic:
This one is already soooooo old, it's got so many small holes in it and isn't even really black anymore. It used to be my favorite clothing in the world and I still love to wear it a lot.

the pants:
Yep, it's still Primark.

the shoes:
You already know them from my Brighton post , and they were perfect for a long day in a museum yesterday.

the bag:
I know, it's getting boring, it's the same as yesterday. And the day before. And the day before. And the day.........yep.

jacket: Primark // tunic: Dorothy Perkins // pants: Primark // shoes: Deichmann // bag: Primark


London Style Diary #3

Tadaaaaa, here it is! Part 3 of my London Style Diary posts! 
We went out for charity shop shopping around Crouch End yesterday and I found some nice clothes. Later we went out for some drinks around Soho and China Town. Today will also be a good day, planned a lot. But more about today you will see and read tomorrow ;) 

the jacket:
 Yesterday I decided to go for a leather jacket with an Union Jack pin on it, so very british ^^

the blouse:
It is black, it is dotted, it is transparent and it's got a bow to tie, this one is just so me and I found it last summer in a charity shop in Crouch End.

the skorts:
I guess you all now those skorts, almost every blogger's got them and so do I. Wore them for the first time yesterday, what do you think? Does it look good?

the shoes: 
Black fabric mixed with patent leather - I loooove them so much.

the bag:
well, yes, again. Same bag as yesterday. And the day before ^^

I really really like this look a lot, what about you? xxx


The London Style Diary #2

I know I know this post comes a bit delayed but unfortunately I didn't have the time to post it yesterday as we came back from Brighton very late. And that's the second point - this is not really a "London Style Diary" post as the following pictures were shot in Brighton :D Plus they are not really showing my whole outfit as it has just been to cold to take the coat off xD But the next post is going to be as usual and I hope you don't mind this one being different (I put some pictures of Brighton into it too) :> Enjoy! xxx

the coat:
 haha, I just bought it as soon as we got off the train - it was so damn cold xD Luckily it's not that ugly and I think I might wear it again sometime.

the pants: 
good old Primark pants, what else to say.

the shoes:
they are perfect for a day outside, walking around all the time because the heel is not too high and they are quite comfortable. 

the bag:
the same as in yesterday's post :D

coat: Zara // pants: Primark // shoes: Deichmann // bag: Primark 


The London Style Diary #1

I had the worst night ever - I only slept for 40 minutes and was busy packing my bags for London, but why should I complain? I'm in London now and hell yeah, it's the best thing ever, as usual. I'm fucking tired and feel so wasted (you will recognize in the following pictures) but my friend Rob and I will go out for having a Cider or three soon. And tomorrow we're leaving for Brighton! Never been there yet but always wanted to go there, do you have any suggestions what do to? Please leave a comment :) And yes, here it is, part one of my London Style Diary. 

Since traveling can be very stressful I had to dress comfortable to avoid any problems. So I decided to go for this:

the shoes:
they are a constant companion on journeys, they're just so comfortable - I could walk around for days in them! 

the pants:
the same as always - good old super skinny but stretchy Primark pants.

the shirt:
it was some kind of an emergency buy in Paris, I just needed a bag to carry all my stuff around and had to buy something and this shirt was the cheapest one but meanwhile I love it. Sometimes emergency buys are the best. 

the trench:
a classic trench should be in everyone's wardrobe. Of course my favorite is a black one, and I love everything about it, it just fits perfect and looks so good.

the bag: 
I just bought it recently and I love the shape. There is nothing more to say. 

the necklace:
I know the majority of you loves this necklace (I always get tones of comments on instagram) and what should I say? So do I! Unfortunately I can't tell you where to buy it, I bought it in a small shop in Warsaw. 

shoes: deichmann // pants: Primark // shirt: Stradivarius // trench coat: h&m // bag: Primark // sunnies: h&m

Soooo, I'm going to leave for a night out now, enjoying beautiful London and I hope you enjoy my London Style Diary posts! xxx