I know, it's been a while again, but there is so much to do right now and I don't really have the time to take pictures and post regularly. But speaking about blog posts brings me to the last one, posted by my love. From the statistics I can see that many of you saw it and I also received positive feedback - not only here on my blog. Luckily we took some more pictures of him in another outfit and if you want to, he might post them ;) 


One of the reasons my time is so limited at the moment is the fashion show which takes place in the Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus tomorrow. It's open to the public and you're very welcome. The show starts at 8 pm, but being there about one hour before the show starts will save you a seat. Don't forget to bring your identity card as you have to go through a security check. 


Last but not least I wanted to show you this picture from a photoshoot two weeks ago - I was really ill at this time but the make up artist did her best to make me looking good :D How do you like it? :) 

 by Eymelt Sehmer 


  1. Ein wirklich schönes Bild!!! Toller Look!
    Viel Erfolg bei der Modenschau! :)

  2. Du siehst bezaubernd aus. Das mir dem Arm wirkte auf mich erst so, als ob du deinen Bizeps zeigen willst. ;D
    Ich komme zur Show!


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