Film Noir

You might remember the photo shoot I had a few weeks ago? I finally saw some pictures and I was really pleased with the result. Unfortunately the photos were taken with an analogue camera which means I can't show you loads of pictures. I only got the one we took with a digital camera before starting with the real shoot and two others the photographer chose. The cool thing is, I got both on paper and because of the fact that I really love them and me in these photos I will pin them to a wall somewhere in our flat, lol. To cut a long story short - here they are, enjoy and let me know what you think :) 



Hey there :) I just recognized I haven't posted a random post in a long time, so here it is :) Full of pictures and short stories about the last days/weeks, hope you'll enjoy :)

Löa first. Here we go - at Ikea // on our balcony // selfie before work

I had to draw something for Kollektionsgestaltung, drawing works best with some berries and tea :)

Absinthe makes me happy. And I'm the tabletop football queen.

Food. I love food. And if you don't know it yet - I'm eating vegan and gluten-free at the moment. First one is one of my favorites - avocado with soya sauce hmmmmmmm // Florida ice-cream (the bigger one is mine of course) // gluten-free noodles and vegetables

weekend breakfast // birthday cake for Tom // Sunday breakfast

worked hard on my semestermodell but still not finished it ._.

went out for dinner with Jakob

dressed up for a party night

danced all through the night at Sisyphos

had fun in a photo booth with Albert after partying at Sisyphos

got a new tattoo on Saturday

by Jakub Settgast (he works super fast and super clean, it's amazing), now my lady on the foot finally got a beautiful friend

this picture got 199 likes on instagram so far :D

got this super cute texts from my friend Carl, such an ego boost! Can't wait to visit him soon in London :)

That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed this little ride through my past days/weeks :) 

Oh, and don't forget - my giveaway is still online!

Have a good night! x


my weekend

Friday Jakob and I finally found some time to go to the garden center to buy some nice plants, flowers and seeds for our balcony. We spent a lot of money but I don't care 'cause I want our balcony to be the most beautiful one around here :D I even found hair color matching flowers and of course I needed to buy them.

Later that day I began to plant everything and arrange it, and rearranged it, and rearranged it again and I'm still not finished arranging everything 'cause I haven't found the perfect arrangement yet. But I already like it a lot and I can't wait for those summer nights with dinner, drinks and friends between our lovely flowers. 

Saturday I went to the market to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits, I love buying food there, it's so much cheaper than the supermarket and of course the atmosphere is so much more special. 

I bought tons of strawberries and blueberries! And avocados, I LOVE avocados, especially with soya sauce :D 

And of course I ate lots of soya yoghurt with vegan ice-cream and berries this weekend. It's just so delicious, I don't want to eat anything else anymore. 

This is  my old friend Dani, he likes to hang around in our bar all night long until I can go. We often go for a drink after work then, and so we did tonight. I came home around 7 am but I couldn't sleep for no longer than three hours as I had to get up quite early to get dressed for a baby party I was invited to today.

When I came home this morning I got this super cute message from Dani :)

This is what I wore when Jakob, Gülsün and I were on our way to Lui's baby party. 

You might remember my old friend Lui? I used to post lots of stories and pictures of and with her, she's pregnant now and I still can't believe she's going to give birth to a child so soon!!!!! It feels as if it was yesterday when we used to get drunk and do crazy shit every weekend - we better won't tell her child ;) I also can't believe that so many people and old friends around me already have own children or going to have them very soon, what happened and where is all the time?!

Lui had the great idea that her guests should draw nice things on simple white bodys and socks. Of course Gülsün and I drew ourselves hehehe. 

Now you know about my weekend and I hope you had a nice one too! 


What I wore // My new favorite food

My week started quite nice, Monday is always my short day, so I came back home around 1 pm, just right before the postman rang my doorbell. Sheinside sent me my coat! Yesterday was the day Jakob and I finally found some time to take pictures of it and what should I say? Here it is: 

The coat:

Just received it from Sheinside! I love how it looks elegant and classy although it has a hoodie. It's the perfect thin coat you need for cloudy spring and summer days. 

The blouse:

Bought it last summer in a 2nd hand shop in London, I love it because of its polka dots and the bow. And the fact that it is transparent, I love transparent tops :D (as you might have recognized in the past haha)

The top:

Was a basic buy at Vero Moda, I wear it often underneath transparent blouses or tops which are too short.

The pants:

Same as last time, Primark.

The bag:

I found it in a 2nd hand shop but the label says Primark, never saw it there, hmmm. Nevertheless - I LOVE it as I love patent leather and croc leather :D 

The shoes:

Bought them about five years ago at New Yorker but still love them a lot, there are very comfy and still not broken or something. 

The glasses:

I definitely know I bought them at h&m, but I don't know when. I don't wear them often but they match the lovely polka dot blouse :) 

coat: sheinside // blouse: 2ndhand // top: vero moda // pants: primark // shoes: new yorker // bag: 2ndhand // sunnies: h&m

And this is what I wore underneath:

There is a nice bridge in our neighbor-hood where we sat and enjoyed the sun (or the shadow, as you might know the sun is way too hot for me -luckily there is enough shadow on the bridge as well ;)) after we took the pictures. I would love to hang around like this more often but until the beginning of June there won't be any time as I have to do so many other things like finishing my semestermodell etc etc... :( 

And I need to share my new favorite food with you, I swear, I'm addicted and I won't eat anything else this summer, I could eat this all day long, it's just super delicious *.* It's vegan vanilla yoghurt, vegan and gluten free ice-cream and fresh berries I bought on the market in our lovely neighbor hood - you should definitely try this at least once! 

And here is a heart which goes to all of you my lovely followers and readers! I would like to thank you for all the support and nice comments, blogging wouldn't be so much fun without you! xxx



Yesterday was such a nice day, I had a photo shoot in the early afternoon, later I went for a walk with Jakob and then we met Gülsün for dinner - just a perfect Sunday :) 

The shoot was quite cool, I haven't had any shoots in the last time, I guess my last shoot was the one for 99 Berlin Problems in 2011 xD Quite a long time ago... Here is the first result from yesterday, how do you like it? 

I like it a lot and I hardly can't wait to see the rest :) 

And here I am in a more casual outfit later that day - the bag btw is one of my favorites! I bought it in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, I'm sure you'll see it in future posts quite often :D

We started our dinner tour in a vietnamese restaurant, the food was nice but not overwhelming. Afterwards we walked down the street as we discovered a really nice restaurant, so we decided to have another dessert there. We sat outside in the restaurant garden and I can't tell you how glad I am that you can finally sit outside again in the evening!!!! 

Hope you had a nice Sunday too!