London (Style) Diary No. 1

I'm such a lucky girl! I'm back in London for nearly 11 days :D And since I know that so many of my lovely followers are also huge London fans, I decided to share a post with you daily again :) This time I came to London with a friend of mine, Sofie, and you will get to know her in this post too. We decided it'll be more fun if we're also taking pictures of her instead of only taking pictures of me and posting them here. 

We arrived on the early Friday evening in Southend (which is the smallest airport I've ever seen) and didn't went out for a party or something which turned out to be the right decision as we had to get up quite early on Saturday morning to get the train to St. Albans, where we met Sofie's family for lunch. We spent the whole day in St. Albans, had tea and brownies with Sofie's lovely granny and walked around to find a nice place for taking the pictures. And here they are: 

I'm a little girl in a big big world.... I look so tiny :D 

of course I have my union jack pin with me

And here she is - Sofie! We're studying fashion design together and it was more like a spontaneous idea to go to London together, we sat in our nude drawing course when we decided that we both wanted to get out of here, so we looked up the flights and booked them immediately. 


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