thinking: over the years

When people ask me about my (optical) change over the years I often answer way too fast. I tell them I didn't change that much, that my hair still looks the same, that I still wear the same clothes I used to wear in the past, that my facial features are still the same, that my daily make up routine still is the same as it has been for ages. Superficially speaking it's not all lies. But when you look back at old pictures, you really see a difference in between all those years. It just happened recently that I scrolled through all of my facebook profile pictures, from the very beginning in 2009 until now, 2014. All in all it's been an overview over the last five years and the longer I stare at these pictures, the more changes I recognize. 

Five years ago I had loads of ugly piercings in my face, I wore clothes and accessories I would never ever wear again and although my hair color is still the same, I used to style it in a different way back then. I also see my facial features changing - not that I'm getting any wrinkles (yet, but hopefully it will take some time until then) but I can see that my expression now appears more grown-up than five years ago, I don't want to say by that I feel like a real adult now, and I don't think I will ever be, I still feel some kind of having this little child inside of me and yes, I'm proud of that. (You may remember Peter Maffay's "Nessaja"? If the lyric is not true then I don't know what ^^) 

To bring this monologue to an end, you should try and look through your old pictures too, it's always funny to find out about yourself. All in all I can say that I'm quite satisfied with how I look now and I do laugh about some of my old pictures ;) 

So, lean back, enjoy this journey through time (click to enlarge) and feel free to leave a comment about how weird I look on some of the pictures ^^



Wishlist: Shoes

Only 4 weeks left until I'm going to Paris Fashion Week again :) So I started to search the internet for some extraordinary shoes and found the website Lovely Shoes (they do not only offer shoes, they also offer clothing and accessories :)). Since there are so many shoes I found interesting I decided to put them into a wishlist post so that I would have a better overview about my favorites and let you have a look at them as well. 

...so here are all the shoes I put on my wishlist :


 ...and here are my absolute favorites:

I especially love the black ones with cut-outs and patent leather, I will definitely order them and take them with me to Paris :) Which ones are your favorites?


Outfit: 140114

When A. and I went for a walk lately we also took some photos of my new skirt :)  The skirt is something I need to get used to because it's quite long and blue and normally I don't wear skirts which are that long and also I normally don't wear blue. When I look at the pictures I somehow like it but I guess I will shorten the skirt a bit (otherwise I won't wear it very often^^) But all in all I do like the whole look, what about you?

(My mum's comment when she saw the picture: "You look like a real adult!", haha)


cardigan: 2nd Hand //  blouse: 2nd Hand // necklace: Primark // skirt: nowistyle // bag: flea-market // shoes: 5th Avenue