Hello, lovely autumn!

Finally - it's autumn! Autumn is my favorite time of the year, I love it when the leaves turn from green into coloured, when the wind blows gently through your hair, when it's cold enough to wear your favorite jackets and coats but still warm enough so that you don't have to freeze. Everything looks so much nicer when it's autumn :) 

I went for a bike-tour and a walk with my boyfriend on Sunday through the Tiergarten where he took the following pictures of me and my outfit. 

the suit:

Isn't this a lovely pattern? I wasn't sure if a combination like this would fit me but I just had to try it on - and what should I say? I think it looks quite nice on me even if it still feels a bit strange :) 

the blouse:

I already mentioned it a few times  - this oversized blouse is from a charity shop in London - an absolute bargain buy and although it's quite old by now I still love to wear it very often. 

the bag:

Well.... If I hadn't bought it myself I wouldn't believe it's a Primark bag :D It doesn't look so cheap as the other Primark bags always do. 

the shoes:

You should know them - I wear them a lot and they're still one of my absolute favorites. 

the ring:

I bought it on a flea market in London a few years ago :) 

suit: Primark // blouse: 2nd hand // bag: Primark // shoes: 5th Avenue // ring: flea market 


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