Goodbye autumn, I already miss u!

While looking through my pictures in iPhoto I found some old ones A. took of me on a lovely sunny autumn day. I don't want to withhold  them back from you, and since autumn is already finally over this is some kind of homage to my favorite time of the year. 

I do remember that day very well, we also took some photos of A. for my blog while walking through the Tiergarten, it's been quite warm and the light was amazing, I wore one of my favorite dresses and really enjoyed the feeling of the warm autumn sun on my skin. 


The cape

I always wanted to have a cape but never found one which looked good on me, so I gave it up a few years ago but then I found this one online on h&m.com and ordered it immediately, I'm really satisfied about how it looks on me and I already got lots of compliments for it - I guess I finally found the cape I always wanted to own :) 

The dress

The dress is one of my favorites, it's so elegant and classy but not too old-fashioned with it's golden zippers on the sleeves which gives a modern touch to that little black dress. Nobody believes it's an h&m dress.

The necklace

I don't know how often I wrote about this necklace, it already looks a bit shabby but it's still one of my favorite jewellery items I own (so many favorite items in one post....) 

The shoes (although you hardly seem them in this post)

Ahhh, and again, one of my all-time favorites! Made from real leather but didn't cost a fortune, to be honest, it was a real bargain, they were on sale and I never ever regretted buying them. 

cape: h&m // dress: h&m // necklace: boutique in warsaw // shoes: 5th Avenue 


  1. Das Kleid sieht irgendwie leicht altbacken aus, aber das mag ich! Nennt man ja auch gern zeitlos. :D

  2. Jaa! Ich konnte meinen schlechten Augen kaum trauen. Bin ja auch auf Linsen umgestiegen, seitdem ich keine gescheite und günstige Brille mehr gefunden habe. Deine Brille war doch so schick? Meine Stärke ändert sich konsequent und da lohnt sich gar keine teure Brille. :(


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