Black'n White

Since everyone is posting about Christmas and the oh-so-yummy food and their oh-so-gorgeous presents I'm not willing to write another boring Christmas post (I don't want to say by this that every Christmas post is boring but I just can't see them anymore...) so I decided to take some new outfit photos with A. 
We went to one of my favorite photo locations but unfortunately it wasn't very bright so the photos turned out to be a bit dark but somehow it fits my mood and the weather at all. 

This is a very grown-up look but classy and chic at the same time. You may remember that I'm still somehow new into wearing trousers but meanwhile I'm getting used to it (and beginning to like it). "You look as if you're planning to go to a parent-teacher conference" said A. when he first saw me in this combination :D Even though he's right I do like the look and since my hair is pink and extraordinary I don't look that frumpy or what do you think?

pullover: Nowistyle // blouse: 2nd Hand // trousers: Promod // necklace: 2nd Hand // coat: nowistyle // shoes: h&m // bag: 2nd Hand

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