The London Style Diary #2

I know I know this post comes a bit delayed but unfortunately I didn't have the time to post it yesterday as we came back from Brighton very late. And that's the second point - this is not really a "London Style Diary" post as the following pictures were shot in Brighton :D Plus they are not really showing my whole outfit as it has just been to cold to take the coat off xD But the next post is going to be as usual and I hope you don't mind this one being different (I put some pictures of Brighton into it too) :> Enjoy! xxx

the coat:
 haha, I just bought it as soon as we got off the train - it was so damn cold xD Luckily it's not that ugly and I think I might wear it again sometime.

the pants: 
good old Primark pants, what else to say.

the shoes:
they are perfect for a day outside, walking around all the time because the heel is not too high and they are quite comfortable. 

the bag:
the same as in yesterday's post :D

coat: Zara // pants: Primark // shoes: Deichmann // bag: Primark 

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  1. Die Landschaft im 1. Bild, traaauumhaft. Könnte sogar ein CD Cover sein, jedenfalls ohne Mensch. :P


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