London Style Diary #3

Tadaaaaa, here it is! Part 3 of my London Style Diary posts! 
We went out for charity shop shopping around Crouch End yesterday and I found some nice clothes. Later we went out for some drinks around Soho and China Town. Today will also be a good day, planned a lot. But more about today you will see and read tomorrow ;) 

the jacket:
 Yesterday I decided to go for a leather jacket with an Union Jack pin on it, so very british ^^

the blouse:
It is black, it is dotted, it is transparent and it's got a bow to tie, this one is just so me and I found it last summer in a charity shop in Crouch End.

the skorts:
I guess you all now those skorts, almost every blogger's got them and so do I. Wore them for the first time yesterday, what do you think? Does it look good?

the shoes: 
Black fabric mixed with patent leather - I loooove them so much.

the bag:
well, yes, again. Same bag as yesterday. And the day before ^^

I really really like this look a lot, what about you? xxx


  1. Ich like es auch a lot (;

    Hihi nee ernsthaft, gefällt mir richtig gut, vor allem durch die Lederjacke!!

  2. Skorts? Komischer Name. Irgendwie gefällt mir dieser assymetrische/eckige Schnitt nicht. Aber die Lederjacke ist sososo toll, ich liebe diese puffrigen Schultern!:O

    1. Shorts gemixt mit Rock (Skirt) = Skorts , ich mag das gerade sehr, dass es so überlappt und asymmetrisch is :D
      Ja, mit der hatte ich so ein Glück damals, die ist einfach perfekt <3

  3. Ein sehr gelungenes Outfit. Die Hosenshorts gefällt mir besonders gut :-)
    Fashion Beauty by Kristina

  4. It is my favorite from your London style diary =)
    I love the blouse <3


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