I just love my life so much right now! I'm done with my semestermodell, holidays just began and I finally got the time to see all my beloved ones again.
Since I had some hard weeks - I hardly slept, I worked all through the day (and all through the night), I almost lost my head, I didn't have the time to care about social contacts, I didn't even see Jakob except from about two hours per night - I need some time for myself now. So I started doing all the things I couldn't do the last weeks, I hang around with friends, I have cocktails, I go dancing, I don't sleep for days, I cook, I sit on the balcony reading a book (it's been way too long without reading), ..... I could tell you so much more, but you know what I mean - I finally got a life again.
Also I'm looking forward to traveling to London next Tuesday! I just can't wait being in London again and as a perfect start for my holidays I picked up my friend Carl from London last Saturday at the airport. He stays at our place for 10 days and returns to the UK about eight hours before I will leave for London :D It's just perfect and so lovely to spend so much time with a good friend, the last time we met was in October! But as I don't want to write an endless and boring blog post I will now shut up and  here they are - pictures and short stories, randomly as ever. Enjoy!

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selfie after work // outtake // mirror selfie

I'm such a typical blogger - I use to post my food photos all the time :D and of course - everything is vegan (and fucking delicious)

the final last hours - finishing my semestermodell // we're all through! // no sleep for days, 7 hours left until I had to present my semestermodell and the drawings, so I started getting mad and somehow I drew vampire teeth into my drawing's face -.- 

oh well, food again xD // the best vegan falafel !!!! I'm addicted // preparations for a late breakfast today

best of 

well, somehow we used to get drunk after school (not only once), we had such a funny time :D

haha, what happens if you have a bunch of fashion design students, alcohol, a boring t-shirt and a scissor? yes, you get a super cool redesigned t-shirt - oh Sascha boy, you're so stylish now! ;D

what's all that things going on with alcohol in school?! We had some fun being drunk in the elevator really early in the morning // Fabi boy forced me to wear his tower boots. Well, they really make your legs look so skinny, but me and tower boots? I don't think so :D // We had our last lesson with our great costume history teacher and a guy from my class drew this for him, amazing hm? 

You might have recognized that I really do a lot of partying at the moment, but I just need this so badly :D So I went to Kater Holzig one morning after work, I really like my work mate and we had a great night out. I came home the next day at 2pm, lol. // Kater Holzig while the sun rises up // my favorite drink at the moment - Becherovka on ice :D 

I made cocktails for the girls! Don't they look super tasty? // I love stepping out on the balcony and seeing new blossoms everyday // the most amazing sunset last week

I got stuck in the fridge :D // on our way to the club // of course we had to check our make up before queuing 

after all we ended up at Sisyphos (again), it was Carl's birthday by the way and we tried to make the best out of it and I know that he really liked it. Somehow my party routines changed, I use to arrive at the club when the sun already rises, I return back home around mid-day, I try to sleep for one or two hours and then I start doing something, and after all I somehow always end up in a club somewhere, don't ask why, I don't know. Jakob loves to make fun out of it and always says "see you tomorrow for lunch" when I leave the house for work haha. Well, as the poster says above "excess, my darling". Sometimes it just has to be like this.

detail of one of my drawings // I had so many nice magazines in my letterbox // oh, and did I already tell you? me and my workmates collected some money and booked a flight and a hotel for our boss, aren't we the best staff ever? ;) 

Soooo, I know this has been quite a lot of pictures and I'm sure you don't know what to comment as there is so much to see and read xD But I would love to read something from you :) 

Enjoy your rest of the day xxx


  1. Hihi :) Toller Blog und klasse Bilderserien!
    Da bin ich doch mal gleich ne Leserin :D

  2. Kann man denn dein Semestermodell mal anschauen? Stellst du noch Bilder hoch? Sieht irgendwie rabenartig aus, so mit den Federn. ;D
    Der Falafel sieht ja toll aus, ist da Kürbis drin? Will den auch sofort essen!

    1. Mal sehen, vllt erst nach November, da ist schließlich die Modenschau.

      Nee, das sind so leckere Möhren mit Sesam und so, mhhhh, richtig gut!


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