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Well, it's been a loooong time since I posted the last entry on my blog, I know. I had so much to do but to be honest, I can't believe it's almost half a year since I posted here...

But here I am now, back on the blog and I promise (I really do) I will post more often from now on. Thanks to all my readers who are still here, I won't disappoint you, haha. 

Since it's been half a year you haven't heard anything from me, there were lots of things happening but to keep it simple and short, I would like to tell you the biggest news - A. and I finally found a new flat!! It's been very hard, interminable and gruelling. 
All in all it took five months and in the end I was near to a mental breakdown, there were only 9 days left until we had to leave the old flat and still haven't found a new one.... I was kind of disenchanted and didn't really realised how much it bothered me until we got a suprising call from a really nice real-estate agent who told us that we could have the flat of our dreams - I cried some tears of joy and felt all the burden falling down from my shoulder. 

It really is the perfect flat, in the perfect area, in the perfect building. Everything's just perfect and I still can't believe it's our flat now :)

On ask.fm I've been asked a few times about the new flat, and yes, I am going to show you something, but it will take some time until the flat is furnished and decorated and everything, but I thought it might be interesting to see the process as well, so here are the first few pictures:


antique chair in our bedroom

vintage tea set from the 40s


 the chair and an antique apothecary cabinet

first dinner on our balkony

view from our bed 

and last but not least - a thank you card for our real-estate agent :) 

So, I hope you are able to forgive my absence and enjoyed the first pictures of our new adorable home :) 

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