I know, I'm a bit late....but....

... I wanted to share some pictures of this year's Woodstock festival with you. I spent six great days in Poland with some of my best friends and lots of other people I like. Just like the years before I had the feeling that it has been the best Woodstock ever, and it really is like this, it's getting better every fucking year. I just realized that it has already been my ninth time there, I'm getting old! Here are some impressions: 

me and the coolest shark hat ever - unfortunately some polish guy stole it right off of my head :( 

if you have to stay outside all day long and it's just too hot, there's nothing better than a fresh water melon....

...except from cooling down in the pool! Just like the years before, the boys built a pool but this year's pool has been bigger than any pool before!

wow. A festival selfie.


Hare rama, rama haaaaaare, I loooove the food the Krishnas are serving there every year - it's fucking delicious (plus it is vegan, yaaay)

Another way to keep your head cool when it's hot outside - wear the leftovers of a watermelon - only negative thing is that it is quite heavy and you can't wear it all day long....

...so why don't you just go for a walk towards the river nearby? We went there almost every evening for a little refreshment and....

...a beautiful view.

We found this little guy and named him "Herb", he was so tame and sat on my arm without any intention to escape.

They do have different names on the coke bottles in Poland, my favorite was Kumpela :D

The main stage, starring at this picture reminds me of how hardly I can't wait for the next Woodstock to come! 

Has anyone of you been there this year?


  1. Booooooooaaahhhaaaaas jetzt will ich da och hin!!!! Deine Bilder machen mich neugierig xD

  2. das sieht nach jeder menge spaß aus!!!
    vorallem das erste bild finde ich cool :D


  3. Omg, dieser Melonenhelm toppt alles. XD

  4. wow ich bin echt platt, da will ich auch hin!! totl schöne Bilder, besonders am See :) <3

  5. OMG, du trägst ja bunt. :O
    Der Melonenhut ist echt stylisch, solltest du in deine nächste Kollektion mit einbauen- aber natürlich im zeitlosen schwarz. Und was ist das für ein Gurkendrink(?)?

    1. Ja, auf Woodstock trage ich immer Sachen, die ich sonst niemals tragen würde ^^ Kann ja schlecht mit Seidenkleidchen und Chiffonblusen aufn Festival ;)

      Der Gurkendrink is n Moscow Mule :)

      Ja, der Melonenhut is echt mega, aber am Gewicht muss man arbeiten :D


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