London Style Diary #7

Here comes the last part of the London Style Diary posts - finally! We went to the Tate first and then to Hyde Park for a pick-nick where we also took the pictures. I decided to go for a very casual look, the only highlight are the glitter boots. I think this look suits London very well and is a nice ending for my London style posts. 

the cap:
I still remember how I bought it in Brussels four years ago, it suddenly started to rain and I needed something to protect my hair.

the jacket: 
I also bought it in Brussels and it's still the perfect leather jacket for me.

the blouse:
I bought it last October when I've been to London, it's originally from Primark but I bought it in a Charity shop for 2 Pounds.

the top: 
It's just a boring basic piece but perfect for wearing it underneath transparent blouses or dresses.

the pants:
Do I need to mention it again...? ;) 

the boots:
You know, I love glitter! That's why I needed to buy them although they are not really my size, they are one size too small but you know, sometimes you need to suffer if you want to look good ;) 

cap: h&m // jacket: h&m // blouse: Primark // top: Vero Moda // pants: Primark // shoes: Primark

I hope you enjoyed those London Style posts! x

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