London Style Diary #6

Yayyyy, here comes the 6th part of my London style diary! A bit late, but at least online now. This was my Sunday outfit, I was hungover that day because of our excessive night before. But luckily it hasn't been a super bad hangover so we could manage to go to Dalston to see the Dalston house (I will show you the pictures soon!). Non-typical for me I wore this beige/grey top, but somehow I really like it. It is very comfy and of course I like the transparent backside ;) 


the jacket:
It' lovely, isn't it? I didn't have to think a lot about buying it or not, I saw it and was sure that I would need it. 

the top:
I'm not so sure about how it finally made its way into my wardrobe but I still think h&m sent it to me mistakenly - I ordered lots of clothes and suddenly there was this top and somehow I liked it although it is not black, so I decided to keep it.

the belt:
I like the vintage look of this belt and already got lots of compliments for it but hey, it's just a boring Primark belt :D

the pants:
Boring boring - good old Primark pants again.

the shoes:
The same I already wore in my Brighton post. Cheap but comfortable. 

the glasses:
Oldie but goldie, I loooooove them!


jacket: Primark // top: h&m // belt: Primark // pants: Primark // shoes: Deichmann // glasses: h&m

Tomorrow I will post the last part of the London Style Diary posts and then one or two more posts about the London trip itself! xxx


  1. Du sieht da sooooo klein aus, also nicht 160 klein, sondern ganz winzig. :D hihi Die Jacke sieht durchaus interessant aus, musst du mal richtig zeigen.

  2. i love this!
    The jacket is amazing and your hair color is to die for.
    Amazing post :).


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