Join me in death

Well, since I was a 13-year old girl I absolutely loved HIM. Ville Valo was my first love and I still think he's way too hot for this world :D I bought every CD, every magazine and everything else that contained something about HIM. My wall just looked like every other fangirl's wall - from top to bottom completely covered in pictures of Ville. I listened to their songs day in, day out. But then, a few years later, I think it was just a few months after the release of "Dark Light" I somehow lost my interest in HIM. I still liked them a lot but I wasn't addicted to their music like I was before. That's why I never noticed they still existed as a band and even released new albums. It was a cold day in winter when I was at work and my boss just changed the music and decided to play old HIM songs all night long, we had so much fun singing and dancing behind the bar and I was wondering why I ever gave up listening to HIM. From then on questions were spinning around my mind "what the fuck has happened to HIM and Ville Valo? Is he still alive? Do they still make music??" I just surfed the internet as I found the best information ever: they were about to release a new album AND they're touring around!!!!! I ordered three tickets in the pre-pre-sale (for me, my boss and Jakob) and luckily we got them (of course the concert was sold out within minutes).
Last Monday has been the day! I was so excited and just felt like 15 again, Jakob and I met my boss and some other fellow students in front of the Postbahnhof where we needed to queue for hours. Ok, not HOURS, but at least one hour. Immediately after entering I spent my first 28,50€ within seconds. 25€ for a HIM shirt and 3,50€ for my first beer. We had some more beers and suddenly the concert started, Maria, a fellow student of Jakob, and I decided to try getting in front row but the audience was like...shit. I thought they were there for a concert of a band they fucking love?? Mostly all of them were standing around, with their arms crossed and not willing to let us through. We, full of beer and adrenaline, ignored the fists in our backs and just made our way trough until we finally reached at least the third row. You might not believe it, but as boring the audience was, as brutal they were. One girl even bit me in the back! Stupid bitch, Ville is mine! Ville of course was hot as hell and the concert was nice though the audience was still not rocking at all. After the concert Maria and I managed to get a plectrum each! Oh my I was a lucky girl :D We just had one more beer there, then decided to leave for another drink somewhere else (of course we ended in the Zyankali Bar ^^) where Gülsün decided to join us and when my working mate decided to close the bar, we decided to leave for another drink at Clash. Afterwards we ate lots of disgusting french fries at Curry 36 and went finally home, in a shopping basket, lol. The sun was about to rise as we finally managed to get home, I guess I don't need to mention I didn't make it to my lessons the next day? ;) All in all it's been a great night and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH VILLE! Has anyone of you been there?!?!?!?!!


  1. Ich kann grad nicht mehr viel schreiben.. Bin zu sprachlos UND zu neidisch :D ;)

    (Nein.. Warte.. Etwas geht doch noch: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ <3 )

    Love and Nonsense


  2. Ich bin total neidisch, aber ich freu mich auch für dich (:
    Von HIM hatte ich mein erstes Bandshirt hihi :D
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Oh yeah! Ich bin auch seit ca. meinem 14 Lebensjahr total vernarrt in diese Band. War bisher bei 4 Konzerten von Ihnen & würde definitiv erneut eins besuchen. Auch wenn ich dir da zustimmen kann, die letzten 2 auf denen ich war, waren die Fans eher.. langweilig, mürrisch und gar nicht am "abgehen". :/

  4. Habe niee nie HIM gehört, hab ich nie verstanden, was alle so toll an der Band und Ville fanden. :p
    Dark Light war das einzige Album, in das ich mal reingehört habe.

    Wieso sieht Ville auf dem Bild eigentlich anders aus, als man ihn kennt? D:
    Finds auch immer komisch, wie sich manche Leute auf Konzerten verhalten. Das ist auf jeden Fall nochmal n extra Post wert. Beste Anekdote: ERSTE Reihe-Mädel, engst umschlungen von ihrem Freund, gähnt die ganze Zeit und sieht aus, als würde sie am liebsten ganz woanders sein. Woher sie dann das Bandshirt der Band auf der Bühne hatte..und wieso sie es getragen hat, weiß ich auch nicht.

    1. das liegt daran, dass es nicht Ville ist xD war so n Doppelgängertyp, der da auf dem Konzert rumlief hehe

      Eh, ich VERSTEHE ES NICHT!!! WIESOWIESOWIESO geht man dann auf ein Konzert?!?!?!!?

  5. Sounds like a description of my fandom of HIM and Ville, lovely picture of you! :) I wonder if that´s the reason why my boyfriend sometimes has a resemblance with Ville, when he wears those beanies. :D I am into that kind of guys, somehow... *g*


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