Golden touch

Today we went out for grocery shopping and a walk through our lovely neighborhood. To see and feel the sunlight after ages of dark pushed my mood to a higher level. You know I'm not that kind of sun worshiper and summer is way too hot for me, but after months of grey skies and snow and freeze even I  enjoy the warm sun. 

(click to enlarge images)

trenchcoat, sunnies: h&m // skirt, top, hat: 2nd hand// jacket: primark // boots: asos

Oh, and yesterday Sascha made this lovely sketch for me - I think it's perfectly me and everyone who knows me would agree, don't you? :D

Enjoy your saturday night, I'm off to work now!


  1. Dein Outfit ist richtig toll! :')
    Liebe Grüße! :')

  2. Vonwegen- das Mannequin trägt ja ne Hose! Hast du nicht nur eine lange Hose? Aber selbst so welche mit großem Schlag könnten dir stehen! go for it


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