Wishlist: Shoes

Only 4 weeks left until I'm going to Paris Fashion Week again :) So I started to search the internet for some extraordinary shoes and found the website Lovely Shoes (they do not only offer shoes, they also offer clothing and accessories :)). Since there are so many shoes I found interesting I decided to put them into a wishlist post so that I would have a better overview about my favorites and let you have a look at them as well. 

...so here are all the shoes I put on my wishlist :


 ...and here are my absolute favorites:

I especially love the black ones with cut-outs and patent leather, I will definitely order them and take them with me to Paris :) Which ones are your favorites?


  1. Whooaaawhoooawhoooa...Shoe-Porn! Die Fabelhaftigkeit der Schuhe kann ich bei mindestens 80% ebenso unterschreiben. O_O

  2. Die sind ja alle ein Traum :O Deine Favoriten solltest du nehmen. Die mit den Schleifen sind eventuell zu süß für deinen jetzigen Stil, aber genauso toll!

    Wie hast du diese Collage erstellt, was nutzt du da?

    1. Die haben echt unglaublich tolle Schuhe auf der Seite man :O

      Ich benutze immer www.picmonkey.de :)




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